Kendra's Personal Experience

Kendra was kind enough to share her personal battle with PCOS and hormone imbalance, as a result of getting off hormone-based birth control, and how Birth Control Detox drastically helped to clear up her cystic acne, PMS, and mood swings...

I have PCOS and was put on hormone-based birth control over 10 years ago. I decided to quit the pill, without knowing the horrible side effects this would cause, and all of a sudden I started developing cystic acne, suffering from night sweats, and experiencing painful PMS and mood swings. These symptoms continued for over 4 years, even though I felt I tried everything possible to help balance my hormones, including seed cycling, expensive treatments, OTC name it!

After a lot of research, I realized I needed to find a way to balance my hormones naturally and that's when I ran into Sunflower Supplements. I ordered the 3-month bundle and prayed it would finally be the answer to my suffering. Fast forward and holy cow! My acne is almost all gone (I’ll still get one small pimple right before my period, where I would have broken out all over prior to taking this), my PMS is gone, and my mood swings have improved so much.

As you can see from my before/after photos, my skin has drastically changed since taking this supplement. It literally brought my breakouts to a full stop. Had I known this product existed back then, I would’ve jumped on it. 

I can’t thank Sunflower Supplements enough for creating Birth Control Detox. I’ll continue recommending it to every woman I know who is going through what I went through. I'm a customer for life!

- Kendra D.

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