Is Beyond Birth Control a method of birth control?
No, the Beyond Birth Control supplement is meant to be used AFTER getting off hormone-based Birth Control. It has been carefully crafted to provide lost nutrients and support hormone balance.

Can I take the Beyond Birth Control formula while still taking Birth Control?
No, you should not take the Beyond Birth Control formula while still taking Birth Control because they will be working against each other. Birth Control works by suppressing your hormones, while Beyond Birth Control helps to stabilize natural hormone production.

How soon should I begin seeing positive results after taking Beyond Birth Control?
As with most things in life, results take time. Everyone’s journey to find hormone balance is different, based on their lifestyle, diet, and family history. On average we have found that women start seeing consistent results around 3-6 months, while others required 9-12 months before feeling truly "balanced" again. Be patient as you work to find the right solution for you. We would like to take a moment to remind you that any product that claims to “cure” your hormone imbalance, or subsequent symptoms, should not be trusted.

How long should I take Beyond Birth Control?
We highly recommend working with your doctor to get a comprehensive hormone panel so you can understand your current levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, FSH, and LH before taking Beyond Birth Control. This will allow you to test your levels again, following 6-8 months of use, to track your progress and determine if your hormone levels have stabilized.

Are your products natural?
Yes, the vitamins and minerals used in the Beyond Birth Control formula are all natural and manufactured in Commack, New York.

Can Beyond Birth Control be taken for post-pregnancy hormone balance as well?
Yes! During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone levels rise to support the growing fetus and a woman’s changing body. Almost immediately after delivery of the placenta, progesterone levels return to their pre-pregnancy levels, while estrogen levels remain high, resulting in estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is also a common side effect when getting off hormone-based Birth Control, which Beyond Birth Control formula is targeted to address.

Can Beyond Birth Control be taken for my PCOS?
Yes! A majority of women with PCOS struggle with estrogen dominance which vitamins like DIM (Diindolyl-methane) and Milk Thistle Seed help to balance.